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Motivation is Overrated



Motivation is overrated. When individuals find themselves falling short on their workout routines, the common refrain is a lack of motivation. Life's challenges pull them in many directions, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and without a strong desire to engage in exercise. This reliance on motivation poses a significant problem; we'd miss out on many successes in life if we only pursued our goals when motivation struck.

In reality, genuine motivation is frequently absent for various daily tasks, such as doing laundry, handling work drudgery, shuttling kids to and from activities, or even the routine act of brushing our teeth. Yet, we persevere. We tackle these tasks because they are essential—clean clothes are necessary, a livelihood needs sustaining, ensuring our children's success is paramount, and cavities are best avoided. We persist out of necessity, powering through even when we may not feel like it. Similarly, taking care of your physical health, something you might believe you can't spare the extra time for, is precisely what you can't afford not to do.


I'm not suggesting that motivation is unnecessary; a bit of it is crucial to kickstart our efforts. When it comes to exercise, having a "why" or a health goal provides the initial push needed, much like avoiding cavities is the initial motivation needed to brush our teeth. However, true success hinges not on motivation but on momentum. The key is to sustain our workouts, nutritional habits, and good sleep patterns not solely based on how we feel but because maintaining these practices propels us towards our health goals. Picture a snowball rolling downhill, gaining momentum, growing larger and larger as it continues its descent.  


Movement begets movement. The more we move, the more our bodies crave movement. A positive dietary change can lead to additional small adjustments, and with a good night's sleep, we feel empowered to conquer the world. While these changes may seem minor initially, they accumulate. If we sustain the momentum of our healthy habits, significant improvements in our energy, mental health, and physical well-being become evident—the snowball effect in action.


Unfortunately, inertia works the same as momentum: Stop moving for a couple days, and it becomes easier to just stay still. Neglect planning or shopping for healthy eating, and nourishing the body becomes increasingly challenging as the week progresses. Binge-watching a favorite show late into the night perpetuates a sleep deficit.


For many, the beginning of the year brings a sense of renewed energy and excitement. Motivation is abundant. However, as the months unfold, motivation often dwindles. Real-life responsibilities take precedence, and goals are set aside due to a lack of motivation. It is precisely during these moments that we must muster tenacity and keep the momentum alive. Build upon what you've started, allowing the momentum to carry you through the challenges, ensuring that the initial burst of motivation transforms into a sustained journey towards achieving your health and wellness objectives.



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